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For Teens

Our Teen leadership program provides an opportunity for you to grow through doing and learning.

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We are always in need of financial support to cover our operating costs, in addition to the weekly expenses of supplies and ingredients.

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We are always in need of support of adult volunteers in a variety of ways.

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The gift of healthy food prepared with love and the caring support of your community.

About Teen Kitchen Project

“Teen Kitchen Project is a Godsend for anyone in need.  We have been blessed with weekly meals during a very challenging health crisis. I am so grateful to Teen Kitchen Project.”
– Susan, wife of Tom, a former client.

What We Have Accomplished Together

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Join us as we deliver 23,000 meals in 2015. Donate today!

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The Teen Kitchen Project is a nonprofit organization that brings young people into the kitchen to learn to cook delicious and nourishing food. The meals they prepare are delivered free of charge to individuals and families who are in crisis due to a life-threatening illness like cancer. We serve families in Santa Cruz County, California.

The teens gain skills in cooking healthy food, learn about the impact of their food choices, and are offered an opportunity to build connections through community service.

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Teens at Teen Kitchen Project are at least in 8th grade or above, and between the ages of 14 to 19. Our Teen leadership program provides an opportunity for you to grow through doing and learning. A Teen Kitchen Project Teen:

Works as part of a unified team.
Takes responsibility.
Keeps his/her energy positive.
Honors commitments.
Is caring and welcoming to all.
Puts passion and love into the food.
Looks for what is needed and does it!


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