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Our teen program offers an excellent opportunity for growth & team building as well as developing valuable hands on skills

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Your donations are crucial to keeping families in crisis provided with healthy and free meals. Volunteers alone can’t do it

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Adult volunteers make our project possible. The value to you and to that of our clients is both welcome and profoundly gratifying

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We feel there is no greater gift when you are ill than that of healthy and delicious food, prepared with love and delivered to you.


Teen Kitchen Project is offering our first ever kids camps geared towards young people. We will guide our young chefs as they explore healthy cooking techniques with our qualified adult instructors, and spend the morning cooking together!

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Over 70,000 meals served!

This is what we have accomplished over the years, with your help!

Let’s make this a year of ABUNDANCE!

"Teen Kitchen is a Godsend for anyone in need. We have been blessed with weekly meals during a very challenging health crisis. I am so grateful to Teen Kitchen Project."

-Susan, wife of Tom, a former client