"Our sincere appreciation for your wonderful service. When my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer  our lives were totally turned upside down... Some chemo treatments have lasted 7 1/2 hours and when we finally get home it is a great relief not to have to face fixing the nightly meal."

“You have no idea what it means to have food that is yummy, healthy and reliably delivered once a week. It's so delicious. I can taste the love!!!”

"Teen Kitchen Project is a Godsend for anyone in need.  We have been blessed with weekly meals during a very challenging health crisis.  I am so grateful to Teen Kitchen Project."
- Susan, wife of Tom, a former client.

"This treatment is tough and makes me very sleepy...Without the meals you cook for me, I would not eat, I would not cook... All of you are helping me with these delicious meals for a faster recovery."
- Client Brigitte.